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Hotel Sirákov

Accommodation in Liptál

Person to contact:  Radek Štarha
Address:  vrch Sirákov
Phone:  571 438 181
E-mail:  Accommodation in Liptál - Hotel Sirákov
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Price person/night:  0 EUR

Hotel in Liptál

Foto - Accommodation in Liptál - Hotel Sirákov
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Automatic Translation:

Newly reconstructed hotel Sirakov stand on one top braes Vizovicke highlands, nearby arterial highway Zlin- Vizovice- Vsetin.
At a hotel you offer possibility accommodation in rooms with TV,SAT and phone, in hotel restaurant is available high - quality kitchen headed by famous specialties from earth coupon.
Hotel has capacity on the whole 32 seats. Accommodation in 11- the rooms.
At request on distribution celebrations, parties, degree ceremony and so on You also satisfy, hotel offers for these action 80 seats. Don't hesitate us therefore contact.
To tourist oriented interested person we can serve as base for trips after surrounding braes, no matter what already walking, cycling or in winter season skiing.

Surroundings - tips on trips
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Klasicistni lock
sweep - up

Distillery Land
Visit companies RUDOLF JELINEK a.s. In terms of excursion every attendant at look down upon short movie about companies RUDOLF JELINEK a.s., will visit nejmodejnejsi arrangement on production spirits in CR, will catch sight of giant wooden tub for ageing spirits and stacirnu for performance ready drinks to the bottle. Every guest be in a position degust 4 exhibits elect performances, she'll get treat miniature plum brandy and is able to use favourable and wide offer new business salesroom.

ZOO and romantic lock Lesna

At the outside legering hipped end municipality. Reminded in 15. stol., since 1517 desolate. Again regenerated 1574 on today's place, year 1663 burned out Turk. Snug stone cross from year 1818. North of municipality finds national wilderness area Pulcin- Hradisko.

Pulcinske rockies
Sand - stone pectineal true - blue town, on hilltop next (Izby) with cranny cave

Devil rockies
Just before municipality upper lidec in direction from Vsetina in pass above stream Senice rod unique bizarre sand - stone cliff devil rockies. This snug natural creation is compound from big cobbles, has altitude from 6 to the 20 m, latitude 2- 3 m and side is long 130 m. On hilltop Zamcisko was primeval development people Lusatian culture from 1.tisicileti pr.n.l. To origin Certovych twine bounds people's rumor of bet clever hipped end miller with devil. According to other fable is said near Certovych twine often revelator sorcererthat the ushered poor people to the caves below rocks and there's a dower gold.

Baroque lock Vsetin
Fortress arose perhaps already in 14. century, documented year 1464 behind Vaclav from Doloplaz. Midway 16. century she got Nekesove from Landeka and the or their heir Arkleb from Vickova broadened fortress in Renaissance ctyrkridly lock. Behind thirty years' wars hipped end insurrection, loser year 1627. In years 1652 - 1827 pertained lock Hungarian salami stock Illeshazyu, who year 1656 initiated jz. from lock build - up new seat, which had have form Italian caste with angular towers and answer form illeshazyovskych seats in measles (construction led a. Cavado), but in 80. years 17. century was absented himself from object changed on church. Original lock served only as seat bookkeepers, in the year 1708 was conquered area and burned out Hungarian salami army pastilles Rakocziho II. Only in years 1732 - 1733 lock repaied and baroque modernized. Next, classical adjustment in years 1833 - 1834 behind Wachtleru. Last owner lock were Thonetove in years 1890 - 1945. In the year 1915 lock burned down and was modified pseudorenesancne. Palatal ctyrkridla building with polygonal angular towers, above input front bulky 55 m high prismatic tower. Downstairs remnants Renaissance vault, upstairs stucco decoration.

Open-air museum big Karlovice, hipped end popular architecture
Former mercantile house at first 19. cent . Now set people's hipped end architecture.
Ethnical collections - hipped end kitchen, agricultural implements, processing raw material, cleavage shingles and chip of wood, wood - carving, people's garb, stamped and blown asphalt glass. History and personalities big Karlovic. Painter from Solane. Show creative art.

Lock Kinskych hipped end interfluve from 19.stol.
Renaissance lock built midway 16. century Zerotinove like compensation behind wrecked castle in Roznove below Radhostem. In the year 1648 suffer Swedes. Beginning 18. century him Zerotinove from vizmberske branches rebuilt and broadened in baroque style. Since 1805 served as military hospital. In the year 1815 him got Kinsti. When the year 1854 elected own seat lock in fine above Becvou, sold lock in hipped end interfluve of the state. In object was first female state prison, behind I. world wars military hospital, then casern. Two - storied triflorous building. Downstairs and 1. storey courtyard in part glassed - in baroque arcade. Remnants stucco decorations and mural paintings.

Roznov below Radhostem
Open-air museum
High capacity file people's constructions and memories Wallachia, based r. 1925. Presently over 70 objects in three premises - wooden market - town, hipped end hamlet, mill lowlands.

Windmill German type
Indoor decoration windy mill inclusive trabeated construction was to the open-air museum transferred from municipality Kladniky near Lipnika above Becvou in the year 1985. Cladding there stop in the middle of orchard and costs up to the present day. In open-air museum was after he for retouched technology created cloak new and mill was made available public. Original mill built in r. 1829 Fr. Kick about from Sobechleb. Mill has been built behind usage some part older mill. Witnesses about it assignation passim mill. E.g . on beam is 1812, on thrush 1828 and on weathercock 1813. After cylinder mill wasteaway till he was in part take over lead ! to the open-air museum. Unfortunately in open-air museum is however windmill untimely set. Surroundings mill is quite bearded, so that it is impossible see mill like scenic view point or krajinotvorny element. Construction and indoor decoration is however high - quality and pretty repaied and be instrumental towards knowledge flour - milling technology.

Mountain seat Pustevny (1018 m), named after hermits, who here lived and from nichz last obiit year 1874, are distinguished tourist ganglion. Pustevnam dominate wooden construction built in people's style significant Slovak architect Dusanem Jurkovičem.

Room facilities  bathroom, WC, phone, TV, SAT, bedding, warm water, heating, Internet
Boarding type  continental breakfast, standard restaurant, garden restaurant, Czech cuisine, chicken specialities, smoking and non-smoking area in the restaurant, meal tickets accepted, pizza parlour near-hand, café
Transport  car park, entrance for busses
Sports  indoor swimming pool near-hand, nature bathing near-hand, fitness near-hand, squash near-hand, tennis near-hand, bowling near-hand, billiards, golf near-hand, hiking, bicycle trips, skiing (on tracks), ski-tow near-hand, cycle depository, ski depository
Relaxation  sauna, massage, whirlpool bath
Entertainment  disco near-hand, casino near-hand, social activities entertaining
Pets  pets allowed
Payment  Česká Spořitelna, EuroCard - MasterCard, VISA

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