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Penzion ORLÍK

Accommodation in Zlaté Hory

Person to contact:  Sylvie Zeťková
Address:  Zlaté Hory, Rejvíz 2
Phone:  777 302 088
E-mail:  Accommodation in Zlaté Hory - Penzion ORLÍK
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Price person/night:  0 EUR

Pension in Zlaté Hory

Foto - Accommodation in Zlaté Hory - Penzion ORLÍK
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Boarding - house ORLIK finds in municipality Rejviz (among cities gold mountains and Jesenik) in above sea level altitude 780m. Is concerned very frequented tourist region on upland platform, fit pedestrian tourism, cykloturistiku, sprinter step sports, hunting,rybareni,mushroom - picker. Train and bus availability from cities Jesenik and gold mountains distant c. 12km. Crossover to Poland c. 12km.

Boarding - house be invested with cosy room va variants 2- 6 beds with own social equipment. Room have television, refrigerator, wooden furniture. En pension is restaurant with bar and fire about capacity 45 seats. Outside terrace, escape, smoking and play forges on halls. In summer analogies lending office wheels and scooters- in winter pujcovna ski and comon. Camping on own piece of land mozne.V summer schooling, sitting near fire and alike.

Boarding - house finds alongside national wilderness area - peaty and mossy small lake (biggest in Jesenikach). Rejviz is paradise tourists, from where lead thoroughly walking, cyclone and sprinter step tourist footpath. In distance to the 20km are and biggest skiing ganglion Jeseniku - great - grandfather, Ramzova, Cervenohorske saddle. In near surroundings is much memorability and tourist localities (ore and gold - bearing pits, watering - place, pilgrimage seats, outlook - tower). Natural environment is paradise mushroom - pickers, hunting and in some parts and halieutics.

Room with own social arrangement 330, -/osoba/den
Room shower and basin (WC is placed on hall) 280, -
Dog 50, -/den

Breakfast 50, -
Dinner 70, -
Dinner 70, -

PT = PHYSICAL TRAINING and mini - bar belong equipment rooms.
Children to the 3 years free without title to bed.
Possibility lend cot 30, -/den.
Children to the 12- the years 30% reduction in price.
Quantity discount according to contract.

Peasant lined plate 45, - Kc
(English bacon, 2ks boiled egg, vegetables)

Sausage with horseradish and mustard, bread 35, - Kc
2 piece dietary couple with mustard, bread 25, - Kc
Toast with garlic 6, - Kc

According to daily offers

150 g Johancino secret 85, - Kc
(chicken strip,peach, Edam, cream)
150 g turkey - hen strip in caseous sauce 85, - Kc
(turkey - hen strip, wold, cream)
150 g chicken on field agaric 85, - Kc
(chicken strip, field agaric)¨
150 g Mexican chicken mixture 85, - Kc
(smoke. noodle, bean, ketchup,Chilean, maize, garlic)
150g surprise herdsman Gill 85, - Kc
(natural chicken strip, 3 potato store, sour cabbage)
150 g fried chicken slice 85, - Kc
(chicken breast in trojobalu)
150 g fried turkey - hen slice 85, - Kc
(turkey - hen breast in trojobalu)
150 g potato store with piquant meat mixture 95, - Kc
(3 potato store, chicken noodle, but, ketchup, Chilean)

200 g trout with melted butter 110, - Kc
200 g fried fish steak, sky 70, - Kc

150 g fried pig slice 85, - Kc
(pig meat in trojobalu)
150 g natural slice with English bacon and cheese 85, - Kc
(pig meat, anglicki bacon, Edam)
150 g pork Chilean noodle 85, - Kc
(pig meat, tomatoes, feferonka, garlic)
150 g fried pig pocket soft - centred wold 85, - Kc

150 g steak from beef sirloin 150, - Kc
(beef sirloin, ham, egg)
150 g sirloin cut in herb tea sauce 150, - Kc
(beef sirloin, cream, olives, seedling)

150 g grilled cheese Edam 59, - Kc
150 g fried mushrooms 59, - Kc
150 g fried caseous TRIO 70, - Kc
(Edam, wold, smoked cheese)
150 g broccoli with Rokforovou sauce 80, - Kc
(stewed broccoli, wold, cream, almond)

1 piece pancake with fruit and cream ice 45, - Kc
(fruit, cream ice, whipped cream)
1 piece pancake with jam 35, - Kc
(jam, whipped cream)
3 piece yeast dumpling fruits dumplings 50, - Kc

250 g spaghetti with ketchup and cheese 45, - Kc
(spaghetti, ketchup, Edam)
250 g bologna spaghetti with chicken meat 65, - Kc
(spaghetti, chicken meat, ketchup, Edam)
250 g pastries with chicken meat in caseous sauce 70, - Kc

150 g vegetable 35, - Kc
150 g Sopsky 45, - Kc

150 g French fries 15, - Kc
150 g potato croquettes 15, - Kc
150 g baked potates 20, - Kc
150 g American potatoes 20, - Kc
150 g fried potates 15, - Kc
3 piece Bramboracek 24, - Kc
1 piece bread 3, - Kc
60 g tatar sauce 9, - Kc
60 g ketchup fine 9, - Kc

200 g strawberry sundae 40, - Kc
(strawberry compote, cream ice, whipped cream, chocolate)
200 g peach cup 40, - Kc
(peach fruit salad, cream ice, whipped cream, chocolate)
200 g tangerine cup 40, - Kc
(tangerine fruit salad, cream ice, whipped cream, chocolate)
200 g pineapple cup 40, - Kc
(pineapple compote, cream ice, whipped cream, chocolate)
200 g fruit cup 45, - Kc
(fruit, cream ice, whipped cream, chocolate)
200 g hot raspberry 45, - Kc

Room facilities  bathroom, WC, washbasin, minibar, radio set, TV, SAT, bedding, warm water, heating
Common facilities  phone near-hand, Internet access (Internet Café) near-hand, common TV, terrace, outdoor sitting, chimney place, fireplace, common room
Boarding type  free choice breakfast, continental breakfast, standard restaurant, garden restaurant, international cuisine, Czech cuisine, chicken specialities, venison specialities, meal tickets accepted, bar
Transport  car park, entrance for busses
Languages  English speaking staff, German speaking staff
Sports  swimming pool near-hand, indoor swimming pool near-hand, nature bathing near-hand, tennis near-hand, bowling near-hand, hiking, bicycle trips, horse riding, skiing (on tracks), ski-tow near-hand, fishing near-hand, bicycles rental near-hand, ski rental near-hand, sports equipment rental near-hand, cycle depository, ski depository
Relaxation  sauna near-hand, sun parlor near-hand, massage near-hand, whirlpool bath near-hand
Entertainment  disco near-hand, social activities entertaining
Other services  press sale near-hand, food-stuff sale near-hand, drug-store near-hand, miscellaneous sale near-hand, dobeying near-hand, ironing near-hand, physician near-hand, gas bottle changing near-hand
Possibilities for children  outdoor playground near-hand
Pets  pets allowed, pets allowed after agreement

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